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      Joanne, I would have e-mailed this directly to you, but no e-mail adress that I could find. First, if you wil call the education department of St. Claire Hospital in Pittsburgh. Thatis the nearest support group to you. The only meet three times a years, but one is coming up soon, so CALL, and GO! It doesn’t matter how far it is–you need to be there, and will meeti some people you can stay in touch with somewhat near where you live. Second, about rashes. Been there, done that, and am back again 6 years later. There were many misdiagnoses, but finally a punch biopsy at Mayo clinic confirned the disgnosis of pretibial myxedema. Gail Devers (the Olympic Gold Medalist) said that she had a rash all over her body. The usual treatment is cortisone in some form, usually cream. Finally my endocrinologist (not the dermatologist) suggested that I put it on at night, WRAP MY LEGS IN SARAN WRAP!, and then put on a pair of mens atheletic socks. That made an occlusive dressing, kept it fom rubbing off on the sheets and kept it against my legs. Icould do that for about threenights, and it would be good for a month. That was during the latter phases. I am sure it would work in the earlier, “worser” phases, butI didn’t know about it them. Idoknow that the shots of cortisone I was getting were working, and at the same time making my eyes better. It was a couple of years later that Meedicine made the connection of cortisone and eye improvement. At that time, I would have been a candidate for orbital radiation, but that concept had not reached Jacksonville, so no one knew about it. Nancy

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