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      I found one line in my notes relating to this for you –

      The Thyroid (Physiology and Treatment of Disease)
      International Encyclopedia of Pharmacology & Therapeutics) Section 101
      Eidtiors Jerome Hershman and George Bray

      page 178 “There is an association between hyperthyroidism and sporadic
      hypokalemic periodic paralysis wihich is particularly evident in Japanese
      and Chinese (Engel,1961)and usually found during the course of active
      hyperthyroidism. The attacks often disappear once the hypethyroidism is
      controlled.(Skillern,1952) Onset of muscle cramps and arthralgias during
      treatment should alert the clinician to the possible development of
      hypothryoidism as athralgias are a common and early sign of hypo-
      thryoidism and are not associated with hyperthyroidism.”

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