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      Thanks for your words. Not to worry, I didn’t have to remit
      payment directly. I’m Canadian and pay dearly for my medical
      through my taxes! It is easier to swallow this way, I don’t
      think in good conscience I could hand over money for this and I
      still have the right to ask for him not to be paid. However, I
      need to conserve energy for better things and feel sorry for such
      lack of understanding.

      I am really interested in your information re: dietary iodine. I
      am very very sensitive to iodine in foods. I fail to share
      this story for fear of sounding crazy but- what the heck. During
      my active time with Graves disease and even now, if I eat pizza
      or any other highly salty foods my thyroid area swells and a certain
      area of my hands between the thumb and the index finger aches. This
      doesn’t happen immediately, but within twenty four hours I can feel
      a real difference. I am not sure of my position on reflexology, but the area of my
      hand that hurts correlates with the area reflexologists state is
      the thyroid area.

      Anyone else ever experienced such oddities?

      Anyway- its great to have support. Thanks for taking the time
      to respond. I was really annoyed by this new endo and the fact
      that I waited eight months to see someone who fed me such nonsense.
      All I have to say is it is great to be educated on my disease and
      to be in control. There would have been a time in my life, probably
      at initial diagnosis when you feel so vulnerable and everything is
      so new, that I would have been devastated by these words. Now,
      I know my body better than anyone else and I feel much more in

      Thanks again. Good wishes to you!


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