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      For the past several weeks I have noticed that my skin (normally VERY pale) has been getting progressively more yellow-tinted. Yesterday my daughter also noticed and called it to my attention. We placed our arms side by side and I am definitely YELLOW/ORANGE.

      Anyone else have this? I’m taking ATDs (the P word) and am stable except for my heart .


      Valerie L.

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        This may seem like a stupid question but!!! Are you by chance taking
        bata caradine or dating alot of carrots or drinking carrot juice. I
        worked with a guy who went through a ton of tests for jaundice (even a liver
        biopsi) until the doctor asked him about his diet. Found out he was
        taking bata caradine pills plus drinking carrot juice. It will turn your
        skin an orange color. This is what they use in the tan without sun pills.

        Just a thought,

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          A few days ago, while reading a thyroid newsgroup, I came across a similar question regarding yellow-orange skin. Several people responded saying they had read reference materials indicating that this can be caused by hypothyroidism (as well as several other possible causes, including too much carotene.) If you’d like the URL for the newsgroup, email me, and I’ll send it to you.

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            Valerie, About your Jaundice. I was told to watch out for signs of
            it when I was on ATD’s, before I had my RAI. I don’t know if you are
            on ATD’s, but it is worth checking into. God blesss, Shirley

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