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      Regarding the survey that 218 folks, many of you through this board, participated in, an update:

      I have found an endocrinologist who is interested in research and after a long meeting and review of the survey data has agreed to help me write an abstract of the ’97 survey data. This would help to redeem what is of value in the work done, and highlight areas that need additional refinement. When prepared it will be shared here with you.

      My original goal, to encourage more research, especially by those medically trained to do so, may become a reality if the needed funding is obtained. If this 2nd project becomes a reality, opportunity to respond will be offered here as well. This project would be overseen by physician specialists and the preflight structure will have benefited from the preliminary survey which so many of you aided me in and participated in through your own treatment stories. I’ll keep in touch. Best wishes to all, Jeannette

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