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      Greetings all,

      I just got home from the hospital. Spent two days in the coronary care unit.
      Woke up with chest pains Thursday morning and thought I pulled a muscle.
      Ignored it all day until I went to the store and it felt like someone kicked
      me in the chest and took my breath away. Pain went to my neck and Jaw.
      Called the Doc when I got home and had a real fun ambulance ride to the
      hospital. Three doses of nitro in the ambulance and a nitro drip at the hospital
      and I was admitted to the hospital. Stress? What stress???

      Turns out I did not have a heart attack but it was my bodies way of saying
      slow down. Now I have all kinds of new meds to take and a new diet (again).
      Will be doing a stress test for the ticker this week and had a lung scan as
      well. We will go from there. So if you haven’t heard from me I will get to
      you. I will let you know how I am doing. Doc said it is not GD related but
      I will get with my endo this week to get her opinion. Will keep you informed.

      I wish you peace.
      JAke (Achgook) ps the first thing I did when I got home was to play my flute.
      Very relazing to play it in the comfort of my home and know I was home and
      surrounded by my loved ones.

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        Hey, Big Guy!

        We don’t like hearing that you’ve made a visit to the hospital. Hope
        you’re feeling better now. But, please, do take it easy.

        Your friends,

        Rosemary and Jim

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          Geesh, Jake. What a scare! I’m glad it wasn’t “the ticker”, and am sorry there’s so much stress. Hang in there.


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            Ditto on what I said to Steve about the coronary stuff being
            very scary! Keep us posted on what your stress test says.
            What is the new diet like? (And what kind of flute do you play?)

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              Hi all,

              Just a quick note again. It is 12:20 and I am getting ready to go into work. I am half scared to
              do so. It will be the same old stress, the same old problems, and the same old people giving me grief.
              But I know if I don’t go I will not go back. I said in a post a few months ago that your family was
              the most important thing. If you lost your job someone else would do it. If you lost your life due
              to your job who would take care of your family??? Was it forsight??? I will go to work and see what
              transpires. If it is to much I will play it by ear. The chest pain was a real wake up call. I
              don’t want to go through that again. I am schedlued for the stress test next week. An to answer a
              question I play a bamboo native american flute. I will let you all know how I am doing.

              I wish you peace.
              Jake (Achgook)

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                Jake, please inform your co-workers what had transpired. If they are at-all human, they will understand your plight. That’s what I do with my instructors at school.
                This helps a lot.
                Another thing that I was taught was to them at their age level.. ( Okay, I was student teaching in a preschool, but it works).
                There are powerful word combinations that you can use in order to get your message home. Example: Say you aren’t paying attention to me. So I would say, “I get frustrated when you don’t pay attention”… My instructor’s wife said something like this to his
                to him and he got the point. Well, hope this helps with the “stress” part.
                One thing that one brother says constantly to me when I’m stressed is ” CALM DOWN! TAKE IT EASY!”

                Well, just howling.

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