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      Hi Jake
      Hope this message finds today as a better day for you. I thought I was
      the only one having those days. As Rachel (?) said, it plays havoc not
      only with our memory (I don’t have one) but our self confidence. I know
      mine is the pits.

      You’re always the one who doles out the support, and I for one am very
      thankful for it. I’m glad to see so many people responded to your
      “boulder” day note, just remember we’re all in this together.

      Hang in there, and stay in touch. Would be GREAT if the chat room was up
      and running now, I think many of us are having one of them there days!

      I kept saying I never felt sick and I didn’t but feared that I would be
      till they got done with me! Well I talked to my Endo yesterday and told
      her she accomplished her goal. Since I had the I131 last Monday its been
      downhill from there. But this too shall pass, hopefully :)

      Take care.


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