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      Dear Jackie,

      I also have Mitral Valve Prolapse. Yes, it is more common in people who have GD : according to “Your Thyroid a home reference” by Wood, Cooper, & Ridgway This is a paperback worth buying. It was 5.99 at Barnes & Noble…43% of those with treated or untreated GD have MVP. 41% of Hasimoto’s patients have MVP.New research seems to point to a lesser incindence of MVP in thyroid patients. Severity varies, so many patients have no symptoms & need no treatment. A murmur may suggest that you take antibiotics at dental appt. which break the skin. I don’t know if it has any further significance as to our health than it did before GD. Does it make us more prone to a heart insuffiency? I don’t know. I will ask on Wed. (if I remember to read my list! <g/>” title=”<g>” class=”bbcode_smiley” />).  Please don’t worry unneccessarily about it.  If you have been aware of your MVP before, you are already doing what is good for you in that respect.  Karen  </g></p>


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        Will someone explain MVP here for me? I’m ignorant on this subject and would like to know more.

        Thanks, Bruce

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