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      well it must be a full moon tonight because the bb is very busy and Ann and all
      the rest of my graves friends are not feeling well, so try to cheer up my dear
      and if you need to talk i guess you can meet the other warriors on mirc tonight
      dont now if i can make it but try to relax ,feel good.

      i wish i can remember the hippo song i would sing it!



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        If anyone has a right to be angry at the medical fraternity it sounds like you do. The complications you’ve encountered are far more than one person could be expected to cope with. But I know you will cope. From your postings and the odd e-mail you have sent me, I get the feeling NOTHING pushes you around. You’re strong, opinionated, and very intelligent. Keep looking for the truth about what’s going on in your body. Nobody knows how you feel better than you. It’s frustrating and depressing not knowing but even more so when the people you turn to don’t give you the answers you want to hear. Keep posting on the GDBB. We’re not the “thought police” (not all of us, anyway) and someone will always be listening.
        A fellow GD warrior, (or should I say Samurai?)
        Carol Anne

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          I do not wish to discuss this: but I am getting very DEPRESSED. Go ahead people, live out your life. I have a different agenda. I am facing another operation: including
          anothe 8 gallons of blood drained from me, the diabetes and Graves disease. No one seems to care about this?

          You don’t know how it’s like to have a full armored body cast and try to walk around in it during the summer months. Oh yeah, did I mention the mermer thing too many times?
          I’m failing in my health and the doctors said that I need surgery. . . but I’m not ‘disabed’ in their minds. Okay, what do you think of the asthma attacks that I get when I walk half a mile s l o w l y? How about the missed menstrual cycles that I have and then the sudden surge of blood coming out like there’s no tomarrow?
          I give up!!!
          I can’t take all of this mumbo-jumbo kind of talk. No one pays attention to a depressed person anyway. Do, when are you going to grow up? they say.

          My back pain is DUE TO THE MEDICATION. You may have DIFFERENT VIEWS. But I am the one who has to go through this whole ordeal with MY body, not some SURVEY or RESEARCH.
          I tell you this because I AM IN PAIN. AND YET I HEAR NO voices confirming that.
          Sympathize with our fellow man, they say. HElp thy fellow man, I hear.
          HA! PHOOEY!

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            Dear Ann, I am bewildered. I guess you come across as so
            strong( and what inner muscle your experience has built up in you)
            that I often just read your posts and marvel at you taking care of
            I also don’t always feel like I have been privy to the whole conversation
            so then I question if I should even get involved. I often wonder what
            has been said to you. To me the BB has many nooks and crannies. Some people are referencing to
            private emails, jokes, etc, some support is astoundingly deep efforts,
            like Steve said, wish I could sing the hippo song to you, but all these
            things are happening in unreal time, can’t just give you a hug.
            Sometimes I write and feel ignored ..but I feel like it is my responsibility
            to not be hurt. Different needs and purposes can sit side by side.
            If I don’t spell my needs out, I guess no one will know them.
            Can’t believe I am typing right now, had a needle stuck in shoulder o
            day to deliver
            cortisone and break up the deposit causing intense pain I have had last
            few days. Does that count? as support? wanting to answer your letter,
            when I should probably go to bed. I am not even sure who your letter is
            to. Hoping my mind is clear enough that I don’t make
            whatever it is worse? I hated being sick as a kid, life was outside your room, you are sick in the room.
            Alone, lonely, sick, they are laughing. Oh good a visitor, nope just
            taking the temp. rats
            Well, so hey, I don’t have a thermometer Ann, I’m just trying to sit on
            the edge of your bed tonight. Don’t know any good jokes…I thought
            that was your job. Ever considered you might be Job’s little sister?
            I told you I don’t know any good jokes. I sure like some of the other
            answers you got, I hope you do too.
            We can all only be who we are…me, I am fragile and limited. Nite to
            you and hope that a new day brings you
            the hope you obviously must experience to have come through
            your particular difficult health challenges.

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