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      Well, it got to 105 degrees here yesterday. I was doing fine until it
      hit 99 degrees, then I melted. Of course, this was the weekend the
      University decided on a steam shut down, so my place of work had NO
      airconditioning all weekend. None of our windows open, so needless to
      say it was stifling when I got to work this morning. The heat I could cope with,
      its the lack of oxygen that is a bit annoying. They finally got the fans
      back on, so I’m now sitting under a vent blowing warm air (wait!!! I think
      I just felt a cool bit of breeze. AHHHHH! The air conditioning just made
      it to my desk).

      I’m still waiting to hear back on my lab reports, hopefully the doc is
      in today. One thing I can look forward to is I have a week off starting
      Friday. Not going anywhere, but I can use the time to putter around the
      house and do some sewing. I’m just hoping it will be a bit cooler next week.
      I live in an avacado green mobile home and it absorbs the heat like crazy.

      Hope everyone is having a good Monday.

      Jean C

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