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      Wanda: I have been on tapazole for 2 years, and I
      can attest to dry brittle hair. I used to have
      long beautiful hair, now it’s long broken & fried
      looking. I am also experiencing some hair loss
      which is noticeable after showering.
      The dry hair was much worse for me before treatment
      with Tapazole. My main complaint is the mild
      hair loss.
      regards, lucy

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        Hi Wanda:

        Are you feeling Hyper or did you get your TSH back and the numbers
        tell you that your hyper? When I am hyper my hair breaks off and
        I get troll hair. When I am hypo, my hair falls out and gets thin.
        I hate both states. It is fortunate for me that I have a good
        head of hair otherwise I would be bald.

        I’m glad that the psychiatrist worked out. Isn’t it amazing how
        wonderful it can be just to unload to an impartial person?

        My endo uses my TSH and T4 as well as how I am feeling to determine
        if I am hypo, hyper or euthyroid. hope this helps…


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          HI All
          I am most definitely hyperthyroid but interestingly I have hair like broom straw now after Tapazole. All of my life my hair has been way too oily and now when its supposed to be fine<it alwys was> it is getting so dry. Isnt this dry coarse hair a symptom of hypo? This change is very recent…since I’ve been taking meds.
          Saw my psychiatrist for the first time today and I feel better already having unloaded. My tsh still hasnt moved but my T4 is nearly in the normal range. Dont they go by tsh and not T4 when looking for euthyroid?

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