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      Good afternoon,
      For those of you who have been on synthroid or levothyroxine at a leveled dose for a period of time do you or have you found that your TSH levels remain consistent?
      I was wondering what factors would change our TSH levels to if we remain on the same dose? For instance if I have be on the same dose for 10 months why if every 8 weeks or so I would run from a low normal and then the next time on the borderline of going hypo. The next time it is checked it is low normal again. All this time my endo felt it was not justified to change the dose. I feel my best at the low normal side and can tell when the numbers are higher. A penny or a million for your thoughs!

      Have a nice day!

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        Dear Dee:}
        Was wondering if this what the doctor has me on”eltroxin”
        is this an anti-thyroid drug do you or anyone know?thanks dee and do you know of any side effects

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