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      Hiya everyone!

      I wasn’t going to put this question on here, but I’m
      compelled to do so. I’ve spent the last week considering
      this and wanted to get your opinions. I was diagnosed
      in August, ’93 and had RAI (10 millicuries) on March 1,
      1994. Since then, my TSH levels have been bouncing around
      in the “normal” range. I’ve never gone over the maximum
      “normal” level. That supposedly makes me euthyroid, I
      guess. The only problem with this is that my TSH
      levels are showing a knack for increasing or decreasing
      by 2 points or more in 4-6 month periods with a few level
      months inbetween which, frankly,has started to really grind
      on what little patience I have left. Anyway, what I’m
      wondering is should I seriously consider doing another dose
      of RAI or surgery to force my thyroid hypo now, so I can get
      level on replacement? Anybody had any experience
      with this or know anyone that has? Is this an
      unreasonable request??? Or has GD finally pushed me
      over the edge of sanity?

      Thanks for any help,
      Sheila H.

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