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      We are moving forward with surgery for our 16 year old daughter. Question is ….what are the pros and cons to removing only half of the thyroid? With radiation, only half can be radiated…is that correct? So why not only take half in surgery?
      I think we are a little concerned with weight gain after surgery.
      Anyone have thoughts or experience in this area?

      Thank you

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        Leaving any amount of thyroid would also leave tissue for her body to continuously attack. Grave’s is an autoimmune disease. Removing the thyroid completely removes that state of chronic inflammation.

        I had my TT at 40.
        I have lost 80lbs since. I’ve gained nothing but muscle mass. (That’s me in the pic, lol)

        My ability to focus as an athlete has returned.

        None of this was possible before my TT, despite my best and sometimes outrageous efforts of exercise and diet.

        My RAI failed after a year of “wait and see” so I would not personally recommend that route of treatment.

        Weight gain is a possibility after surgery, until stabilization on hormone is achieved, but once stabilized, it drops off IME.

        Life went back to normal…and fast.

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          Used to leave part of thyroid years ago. Not a good idea. Object is to remove all of the thyroid, taking away focus of antibody attack, reducing chances of getting eye disease and making hormone replacement easy without a portion of the thyroid haphazardly producing hormone. In addition, the risk of thyroid cancer is eliminated. There are some studies correlating weight gain with thyroidectomy, but this may be a factor of not enough hormone replacement. I keep my TSH between 1 and 2. I did not gain weight related to the surgery but did gain some on prednisone for the eye disease. Be sure your surgeon does a lot of thyroidectomies every year and has experience with Graves. Travel to another center if you need to for an experienced surgeon.

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            In addition to the issues Liz1967 mentioned, there is a risk of recurrence if you leave thyroid tissue behind after RAI or thyroidectomy. So now the practice is to do a total thyroidectomy (or “near” total, as tiny amounts of tissue might get left behind) or to give a “fully ablative dose” of RAI to ensure that all thyroid tissue is removed or destroyed.

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              Thank you so much!! Great information
              Very encouraging!
              We live near Philadelphia, so she will be at CHOP with Dr Bauer. I have heard the team he has is the best in the country.
              She is looking forward to being able to focus academically and physically. Also…the anxiousness will hopefully also be a thing in the past. ( for the most part)
              Thank you all again!

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