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      I’m going for the scan next week and was told the 2 pills you
      take the day before the scan are no more harmful than getting
      an x-ray.

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        If I am not mistaken the I-123, is what you get for the
        thyroid uptake scan to measure the amount of iodine in your thyroid
        gland and to test whether or not you have thyroid disease.

        Once your doctor’s have reviewed the results of your I-123
        with the radiologist, etc and it has been determined that you have
        the graves disease your doctor decides how much(radioactivr iodine) I-131, which
        is usually taken in pill form and is measured in millicuries (mc) this
        is usually based on a formula set up by your doctor.

        Hope this helps to clarify things!

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          The radioactive iodine used in my uptake scan was a totally different one than
          I131 it was I123. The difference being the amount of radioactivity of the
          iodine substance. I asked the radiology technician and he said
          it was totally different from the one used in RAI.


        Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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