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      Hello People:

      I had the fun of sitting with my doc and showing him the BB.
      He is an endocrinologist. I showed him the main support group boards and the various types of groups that exist. He right away wanted to check out diabetes. He was so disappointed that there were hardly any messages. He thought it would help those folks to get more involved the way the people experiencing GD are! So put that in your pipe and smoke put it in your flute and blow it..or

      no, that is all bad advice…let me reconsider…how about let’s just be glad we have the opportunity we have here to share. Do we sometimes complain too loudly for our own good? Undoubtably, for to do all things without complaining is a lofty and worthy goal. But I also see that sharing our concerns (complaints) here has led many to comfort and solutions.

      So we, Ron, have a right to slam each other? I suppose we all have the right to bear arms and all that…but sometimes we make more headway in the highest goals of life when we stop focusing on our rights and consider others better than ourselves.( This is not an original thought but can be found in Paul’s letter to the Phillipians 2:3)
      So perhaps “Mean-Di” meant well for all here even though her expression fell short for so many. I suppose that we could all just keep writing back and forth to each other..hey, get a life, Jan, no Ron you get one, no Di you get one. hey get a life. But we each all have one very precious life and these lives have( for most of us here) been uniquely complicated by GD, have they not? We all stumble in many ways. This board helps most when we respond with caring and respect for all who stumble through here. Clomp, clomp, Jeannette trips through. Were those tulips? Sorry.

      What I wish for any of you would be dependent on your receiving it.
      Can any one person’s point of view really be so threatening as to need the chastisements that go on here? Well, I’ll end with
      one of my grandmother’s pre-date admonitions…”Look hot, but stay cool.”

      Best wishes to you ALL! Jeannette

        Post count: 93172

        Just scanning the BB with tired eyes and as well as the newcomers it’s great to see some oldtimers back also!!!

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