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      Hi, I started having trouble going to sleep and staying asleep Nov. 2019. Fast forward to January. Then full blown symptoms of hyperthyroid hit. Anxiety, tremors, etc. I started medication February 17th, was taken off a week for more testing and then placed back on it.

      My T3 and T4 are now within normal range. TSH is still low.

      My question is, does insomnia eventually resolve? I read TSH may be part of this issue, but I don’t know if that is accurate. Just need information and support. Still trying to get stabilized emotionally and with anxiety.


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        Hello – Most patients do see resolution of symptoms once levels are in the normal range, but this can take some time, especially if you were hypER for a while.

        Some patients *do* have symptoms with suppressed TSH, even if T3/T4 are normal.

        Insomnia is SO frustrating, so definitely mention this to your doctor. The more specific you can be, the better. Are you having trouble falling asleep because your mind is racing? Or are you waking up repeatedly? Or all of the above?

        Also consider “sleep hygiene” – here are some tips from Cleveland Clinic:

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          Thank you for the information. I have trouble falling asleep and staying asleep. My doctor did give me some medication to help, but I still only sleep a few hours. I am working with a nurse specialist on this, but wondered if this is a “new norm”. I have been a great sleeper for years, so this has had me wondering if it will resolve.

          Sometimes it is my mind racing, but much of the time it is like my sleep center has forgotten how to kick in. This is what I first noticed prior to finding out I had a thyroid issue. Like a switch is turned on to, “no sleep. I feel tired, but sleep doesn’t happen unless I take something. Even then it doesn’t always help.

          I will check out the link. Any estimates the “average” time people go through this phase of insomnia?

          Thank you

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