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      Thanks, Bruce. No one else had mentioned dry mouth, so I thought I was
      the only one. It’s so dry that sometimes I can’t eat – and since I’m
      retaining fluid so badly the doc said not to drink so much water!

      I’ve go an apt with an opthamologist in two weeks. I sure hope he can
      help with the double vision. It was really embarassing today when my
      son took me out for lunch and I couldnl’t read the menu. At least it
      quit by the time my food came!


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        I went to see my doc this morning, he had done a battery of blood tests last week looking for answers to why I’m feeling lousy and have all these aches. All the tests were negative, and of course the thyroid levels were in mid range which is what he expected of all the tests.

        I did get to pick his brain a lot and wanted to share some info with all of you. I’ll try to be as accurate as I can but there was a lot in a short time and I need to do some more research.

        One thing he said is that some of the things that Graves’ does to the body just aren’t fully understood, finally a doctor that admits this!

        He did say that Graves’ and related diseases seem to cause problems with Rheumatism and Collagen, probably responsible for the aches. He also said these will not necessarily show up in the blood tests unless they are really severe, hence the negative test results.

        Other know side effects of these can be dry eyes, dry mouth (I’ve noticed that) and sometimes depression. Depression itself can cause you to feel tired and have no energy so it sounds like a visious circle!

        Jake, he told me that in his experience that the tenormin he’s got me on is worse on the libido that the Paxil so he figured if I wasn’t having any trouble he wouldn’t put that thought in my head. Too early to tell yet!

        Any thoughts on all this?


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