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      Hi Miriam – I’m glad you had a good sleep last night. It can make such a big difference and I’m sure the Inderal helped.

      I take 40 Mg. twice a day. In the morning and at night, however, my Doctor did say that if I felt I needed another during the day to go ahead. I always carry them with me and at times when my heart starts to pound during the day I take another one. I have never had any adverse reaction. The Doctor that started me on them ten years ago said they should help with my hyper thyroid problem and my migraine headaches. He told me that when he was in medical school they would often take one before an exam because they had a calming affect. I was off them for a few years when I had my remission but in all I have taken them for many many years.

      Maybe you could ask about taking two a day of a smaller dosage. In any event, I hope you get another good sleep tonight and feel better soon.

      Best wishes, SAS

        Post count: 93172

        My endo gave me a perscription of Inderal 60 mg to be taken daily at bedtime. My husband filled it for me and the pharmacist said it would take several days for it to work properly so to start it last night.
        Well I took it at 8 pm and everything was ok till 9 pm when I started to feel really wierd. Mike took me up to bed and helped me get into my night gown and tucked me in. God bless him! But 30 minutes later as I was
        laying in bed all of a sudden my tongue started to sting and felt a little swollen. Did the Inderal cause this or the GD?
        Anyone who has had this happen please e-mail me @ today before I take tonight’s dose. I did sleep good though for the first time in 6 months.

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