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      From what I’ve read, knowing the family history doesn’t just involve whether an aunt or grandmother, etc., had Graves. There is also the “history of auto-immune” disorders — which include arthritis, rheumatism, diabetes, etc. And can also include members of the family who were hypothyroid. It isn’t a straightforward genetic progression like eye color. It’s a bit more complex than that. One article I read even mentioned a history of premature graying of the hair as an indicator of potential problems! And, yes, this was in a reputable source. ; ) Go figure.


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        I consider myself very close to my family, who lives in another state.
        But since being diagnosed with graves and for every problem or symptom
        that has come up in my life the past two years I find out from my mother
        so many stories of medical problems from my grandparents, aunts, uncles,
        etc. These were never discussed before or maybe they were and I wasn’t paying attention
        and now you try to do some searching for answers..

        Does anyone else do this, I find myself trying to figure out
        for myself what caused graves to trigger in my body. I look at my diet(
        maybe when I was younger I should have had more veggies),
        environmental factors (where I grew up) external factors, (stress etc).
        Then I tried look at the family tree. I couldn’t find anyone.. But
        in the family tree there seems like ther may have been version or symptoms of graves.

        Maybe it wasn’t called that then or they had it and did not know it.
        I just wanted to say I thin it is very imporantant for us to now our family
        medical history and also those with children should keep records topass on to them..

        Peace and happiness,

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          Dear Denise
          Hi Denise how are you? By the way I have wanted to tell you for weeks how great I think you are with everyone that posts on this bb,because I do think your great,you are equal with everyone and it shows(keep up your good spirits,as it shows)I think your just a great plus for our BB.
          What I wrote about is that I agree how inportant it really is to know your illnesses in your family as much as you can.I have graves disease which is a threat to my vision,because of the severity that I do have it,and my sister has Retina Pigmentosa which is where she will eventually lose her sight,and she has this very severe also as they made her give up her driving,they won’t let her drive at all anymore,but you know those eye diseases have nothing to do with one another,I just find that abit wierd that we are sisters and both have eye diseases that have nothing to do with each others,don’t ya think its wied Dee? Yes Dee I do the same thing trying to find out where these eye diseases came from,no luck either though.Later Dee and have a good weekend everyone,Barb

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