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      I had the orbital irradiation myself about 3 yrs ago. It normally is done over a two week period. Five sessions each week. Once you go thru all the setup, the treatments only take a couple of minutes. They give a total of 2000 rads of exposure if I remember right. Piece o cake! At the end of the two weks I had some definite improvement.

      All I noticed was the smell of ozone in my nose when they zapped me. Guess its the ionization of O2 molecules.

      email me if you like for more info


        Post count: 93172

        I hope all you Americans had a Happy Thanksgiving. Since I’m from Western Canada we had ours in October. I try to be thankful for what I do have. A happy marriage and a very supportive husband. It’s hard sometimes tho. I haven’t been able to read the screen for the past few days as it is so bright. I just had to get some support today. I have not been sleeping for the past three nights. My eyes ache and weep so badly I am up every hour. This is tough on the days I have to work. This morning one eye is very bad and not at 3:50 PM it is still very puffy and weeping.
        Last week when I saw my specialist I was told since the steroid treatments didn’t work the next step would be ten radiation treatments at the cancer clinic. I asked if I could wait until after Christmas and was told yes if it didn’t get any worse. Well it has got worse so I guess I will be calling at the beginning of the week and starting with another procedure. I usually do so many Christmas projects and now all I do is worry about not being able to carry on. Has anyone had these treatments. I didn’t even ask how often were these ten treatments as I just didn’t want to go through
        anything more at this time. I am now wearing sunglasses around the condo on a wet rainy day just so I can get some things done. I have read about the mask and will try something tonight. Thanks. SAS

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