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      Well, I’m also having a pissy day. I’ve been fighting for SSDI the reason is -Graves disease, do I need to say any more? But if I did there is another list of problems I wouldn’t wish on anyone. One of the reasons I’m being denied is because the letter describing my problem was so articulate that I should be able “to do something” but they do agree I can’t return to my previous profession. I could just scream!!!

      Also as we have been discussing Gail Devers, I have to tell you something interesting. I was searching for answers because I was having such severe foot pain that I could not walk. I couldn’t find any documentation that a symptom of Graves disease was foot pain. So I remembered the story about Gail Devers feet so I called the thyroid foundation and they told me that the story was not true and that Gail’s levels were so high that she imagined the problem. Isn’t that wild? I was looking for validation that this is a problem of Graves disease and the thyroid foundation tells me the whole thing was not true. At this point I’m thinking I’m going crazy. My foot pain is improved but not totally gone yet, 7 months after my thyroid was removed, however I still haven’t had a normal level yet.

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