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      Dr. called last night. Told me that my levels were normal and to
      get off the Tapazole. I haven’t been tested for Graves yet (due to being
      on the Tapazole.) I feel pretty good, still a little hot and sweaty. My eyes
      are still swollen and scratchy, so I’m anxious to find out if I have
      Graves. I’m still on the Inderal. I appreciate all the help that I’ve
      gotten from this BB.
      I was glad to have you guys this last 6 weeks. This BB certainly
      made me feel like I was not the only one with this dreaded illness.
      Even when I logged on late at night, there was usually someone
      I wish that everyone could feel as good as
      I feel right now. I’ve had my moments of sickness and now
      I really appreciate “feeling good”. I will enjoy it every minute that I have
      it. The doctor thinks that the reason my T3 was 600 was because
      he thinks that a thyroid nodule “hemmoraged”, causing my thyroid
      to “dump” 6 months of thyroid hormone into my bloodstream. That is why
      I got so sick, so fast. He said that usually hyperthroidism comes
      on gradually, and mine happened really fast, too fast. Anyway, he still
      wants to rule out Graves and so do I. I’ll be having my uptake test
      in about 3 weeks and a biopsy of the nodules, etc…I”ll keep in touch.
      God bless you all. I hope you will
      have many “good” days. Catherine

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