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      Hello to everyone!

      I have been reading messages on this board now
      for a few days and this seems like a very supportive
      group. I could use some support and information
      right now. I was just diagnosed with Graves’ disease
      on Monday of this week after suffering with symptoms
      for over 5 months. I am 28 years old. Here is my story:

      On July 1 of last year, I had a beautiful baby
      girl. From July to November of that year I busted
      my butt writing my dissertation and defending to
      receive my PhD in Biology while taking care of my
      new baby. I would stay home with her during the
      day and work on my writing at night until 2 am. The
      day AFTER my defense, my husband, daughter and I
      packed our moving van and moved half way across the
      country to my new job, a post-doctoral research
      position in neurobiology. I had never done neural
      research before, so I was learning alot of new things.
      And to top it off, my advisor left for a sabbatical
      a month after I arrived leaving me in charge of the
      laboratory. My life was stress city since the day
      I had my baby.

      The first symptom was weight loss. I got down to
      my pre-pregnancy weight by January and was feeling
      pretty good about that (128 lbs). However, I continued
      to loose weight. Then I went through a horrible
      bout of depression in February and March. I thought
      I was depressed, causing weight loss, and due to stress.
      I ended up weighing 108 lbs, having no energy, not
      able to concentrate at my job, having a very short
      fuse when it came to my daughter and husband, and seeing
      my motivation go out the door. I almost went to see
      a psychologist, but was too depressed to. Then my
      mother talked me into going to a doctor. I went in
      not expecting thyroid problems. 2 weeks later with a
      low TSH reading and high T4 reading I was refered to
      an endocronologist. He immediately thought it was
      post-partum thyroiditis and that it would eventually
      go away. I had done the research on all of this and
      told him that the symptoms came on too late to be that.
      He did the blood work to determine whether I had Grave’s or
      post-partum (looking for antibodies?) After 2 weeks
      of waiting (why did it take so long?) he said it looks
      like Graves.

      After my initial diagnosis of hyperthyroidism from
      my regular doctor, I find out from my mother that
      her father had Graves disease at 26(had a goiter and
      bulging eyes and had most of his thyroid removed) and
      that she had nodules removed from her thyroid at
      age 28. Looks like it is genetic. Also, at those
      times during my grandfather and mother’s life, they
      were under alot of stress. I am sure the stress in
      my life caused Graves’ to surface.

      Up until I found out about Graves, I was breastfeeding
      my daughter and had planned on doing child-led weaning
      In order to start anti-thyroid medication, I have
      been weaning her over the past week. I want to finish
      weaning her by next week (it has been tough for her).
      I will be put on 20 mg (I think this is what the
      doctor said)of Tapozole when I am done weaning.

      Sorry this is so long…I just wanted you to know
      where I am at…very new to Graves’ disease. I
      plan to continue posting as I have a lot of questions
      that look like you all can answer from experience!
      I wish you all well in your battle with this illness.
      I look forward to sharing with you all.


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