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      mine past 3 months ago im so sorry shannon
      grandparents are very special be the warrior
      you are and hang in there.

      love, steve

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        Shannon, I’m saying a prayer. I just lost a favorite Uncle last Friday and even though he lived in Switzerland I knew him well and it leaves a very empty feeling. My prayers are for you and your grandmother. God Bless, SAS

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          Dear Shannon,

          Our prayers are with your grandmother and with you. How proud
          she must be to have a granddaughter who adores her as you do.


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            Hi Everyone,

            I know this is not about thyroid problems but I’ve been crying all day.
            I received a call earlier today telling me my Grandmother was very sick
            and is probably not going to make it. This wonderful lady has been
            more of a mother to me then my own mom ever was. If I lose her I lose
            the only person in my family that has shown me unconditional
            love. I don’t know what I will do if she doesn’t make it.
            Please say a prayer for my beautiful grandmother.
            Thanks, Shannon.

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              I’m sorry to hear about your grandma. Mine died on January 19, 1996. She was like my best friend. I could tell her anything. The day she passed away, I flew into a rage. She was dying, so it wasn’t unexpected, but I was furious anyway. Stomping and yelling. I was a mess. The day of her funeral, I sange “Remember Me This Way” with a friend of mine. Later on that night, I was going out with a friend of mine to take my mind off things. On the way to the bar, I heard the song on the radio. When I got to the bar, the live band was performing “Someone to Watch Over Me,” her favorite song in the world. It made me sad, but at the same time it felt like she was trying to tell me that she was still there with me. It took several months for me to dig myself out of my funk, but I did.

              Just remember, though, miracle can happen. They do every day. :-) I will keep you in my thoughts.

              Love and aloha, Caroline

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