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      I often wondered the same thing. I thought when Barbara Bush let the public know she had Grave’s, there would be more publicity. When Mohammed Ali was diagnosed with Parkinson’s, there was incredible publicity about it. There’s always a t.v. program on the latest research, or magazine articles on research.Is there any way we could get more public awareness going out there?

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        I was wondering why we don’t see much in the way of publicity
        on Graves Disease like we do for other diseases?
        I’m sure if the public were more aware there would be greater


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          As far as publicity on the Graves disease, how do you feel
          about contacting a women’s magazine (sorry guys) like the
          Ladies Home Journal, Good Housekeeping, to circu;ate the
          news about graves disease its mystery and how we function
          as a support group. Just as Nancy indicated it is
          underfunded but most important research is really needed to
          understand and how to combat the side effects, severe cere
          eye problems, etc. Anyone’s thoughts??. I live in the
          Northeast and would be willing to spend time contacting
          magazines, etc for a feature article if at all possible. As
          a group let me know.

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