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    I was diagnosed with Grave’s Disease in April or so of this year. Until
    recently, it hasn’t affected my life that badly. However, in the past couple
    of months, it has made me go so hypermetabolic that I can’t eat without
    being very sick to my stomach. I was on antithyroid medication until two
    weeks ago and two weeks ago, my free T4 levels were 1.7. Since I started
    feeling sick, I finally decided that radioactive iodine was the way to go,
    which is why I stopped the antithyroid drug. I’m currently on Inderal as
    needed, Bentyl four times a day, and Lomotil three times a day. Without the
    narcotic, I can’t eat anything. Right now I can eat rice cakes, toast, and
    jello. This has been my diet for the past month at least. Does anyone have
    any suggestions? I’d kill for a pizza… I’m glad I found this page. Some
    of the messages I’ve read have helped a lot. Thanx.

    Caroline Vore

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