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      i think no comment should go to medical school because she already has half her education

      we blame everything on graves…..50 percent there!!!!!!!

      i say popycock to the only ten percent of us feel better—-i am sorry but i would bet my life (for what it is worth) that ten percent is way off….no way , no way ….do 90 percent feel better,, lets hear the statistic…how many years did it take…. ,,,,what study showed that???? i want a copy…..seriously—-i dont believe that for a million years…..

      All i tell people is that this is a diesease that effects practically evey organ, gland and muscle in your body….what more can they say…..

      no comment better go to Church and thank God for her wellness…and if she wants to contribute to the group try and do it in a more gradual postitve way….instead of the flat out statement she made…..

      look it is a free country,,,,and everyone is entitled to opinions,,,,,,everyone here isnt just here for the fun of telling everyone how terrible they feel……………IT IS REAL AND IT IS HARD ENOUGH TO DEAL WITH IT……

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