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      Hi everybody! Remember me…the one who believes in being positive??? Well, I’ve really lost it tonite. I hate having graves…I hate being hypo thyroid now and I hate my doctor! I am so sick of being tired all the time! I don’t even care about the hair loss anymore or the weight gain. If I could just get over the fatigue I’d be happy. My doctor says my blood levels are “normal” so he won’t up my synthroid…I’m only at .125. I feel so lousey! Xmas has been so hard again this year. I have a daughter getting married in June and my other daughter is expecting our first grandchild in April and I’m really worried about not having enough energy for it all. I’ve just got to get better. I’m being referred on to a new endo, but not ’til March! I just feel like I’m not going to make it. Today we had our big family holiday party and I had all I could do to stay awake! I HATE THIS! Thanks for listening. I’m just really down tonite and felt like maybe you’d all understand…I think my family is getting sick of me dragging around. I didn’t want to talk about it with them. Well, thanks again. Hope I didn’t bum anybody out. Trish

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        Trish, just hag in there because things do get BETTER. Take a day at a
        time. Maybe, you should let them know your limitations and that you are trying the very
        doing best your can to be, to be that mother or that grand mother they
        need. You might be surprised at the understanding they can have and
        that they feel helpless at times.I had fatigue so bad I could only
        bear to go to the bathroom and back to bed. I shut family and friends
        out of my life. I lost about 50% of my hair, put on 50 lbs. and I was
        a very unhappy miseriable and convused little camper. I did not want to
        be around anyone. Most of this time I did not know what I had, I thought
        I had cancer and my husband thought I was losing my mind! Once I knew what
        I had and treatment was started I started to slowly ger better. Once
        your fatigue starts getting a little better you can see that there is
        LIGHT at the end of the tunnel. I still carry the weight and need t

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          Of course you don’t bum us out. I use a mind trick if I remember to use it…that tommorow, at this time, it will be (better, different, in a different place, treated, forgotten..put in the word that works, you get the idea?) I started using that years ago when I was afraid of the dentist, and I would count the minutes. Now, of course, that is only a trick, and the feeling lousy all the time is still there. Remember Diane N’s marvelous note before Xmas about not doing so much? I don’t think that the world would quit spinning if we didn’t get the package in the mail, the dishes washed, or the perfect dress picked out. I really mean that! Give yourself permission to rest. Laugh if you can. paint your toenails..fall asleep watching a comedy. Write a love letter. To your hubby, child, world or yourself. Please know that we care, and anger and frustration and exhaustion are ok to have, be, or talk about. Yes, I do know you have a positive outlook, and you know that it will kick in again, but golly, you don’t have to keep being a pollyanna (since I used the work golly, don’t you like the symetry of Polly? ) . Even Jesus got mad. Don’t ask me to quote where, anybody. But keep in mind that you will one day (as will we all I hope) look back at this as a strengthening time of our life. Wanted to post privately, I talk too much as it is on this board. Thinking of you, well. Karen

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