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      All right, Unca Bruce! I’m so happy for you! :) Now, avoid onions and sappy love stories. heehee

      Best of luck with the permanent plugs! Debby

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        That is so cool!!!!!!!!! I’m so happy for you :)!


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          I had temporary tear duct plugs put in today, it took all of about two minutes to stick them in and I didn’t feel a thing.

          The results are immediate! My eyes which have been so dry for years now are wet with tears, I am one really happy dude!

          Next is the more permanent procedure since this seems to be working. The temporary plugs will be dissolved in a couple of days.

          Smiling Bruce

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            YEA BRUCE!!!! that’s great news!

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              Dear Marysia,
              If your doc has told you not to worry and you are still worried I have a
              couple of ideas…
              First do you trust your doctor in general? Can you ask questions like..
              doc you are saying that my eyes are all swollen and they ache when I
              roll them around and they are more blood shot and.. that is okay ..why?
              when do you send people to opthalmologists? Who do you recommend, is she
              a specialists in Graves Eye disease? Etc, You can just go to one because
              you want to any way. But I think it is a good way to check out if your endo is doing his job.

              It is good to keep an eye on the eyes. Does your endo measure
              them? I was immediately photographed and measured
              ( and remeasured at each appointment and asked re:any changes)so I feel
              confident when he says no need to go to an optho based on current
              circumstances that he is paying attention. But if I started to worry
              anyway I would go NOW. ( Let’s see what I’ll cut from my budget now …)
              Your peace of mind is worth alot.
              If you mean swollen above the eyes (supraorbital ridges), I have that,
              sometimes my eyes are wet, sometimes dry. Fans and wind bother them.
              They have gotten somewhat better as my hormone levels have decreased.
              They are worse when I am tired. As for alcohol, my endo told me to
              totally avoid it. My lids haven’t retracted either, it is more the
              “hooded” look you described. What does it all mean? Will
              I get worse or is this it? I don’t know. My endo thinks my eye
              condition is reason to not make RAI treatment of first choice.
              When this doc helped me to find a doc in another community for
              brother he was reading endocrinologists self descriptions of their specialities and focus.
              I think it is alright to ask docs if it their interest and focus and
              if not ask for the name of colleague whose focus graves is.
              Don’t know if any of this helps…Proably nothing you don’t already know
              but I’m thinking about you and wish you well. Jeannette
              P.S. Remember that is you get some graves eye disease, again that does not say how bad it will get.
              (Is’n”t it always the unknown that bugs us?) Not everyone who gets “the eye disease” get the full hard row to hoe.
              Not that any of us want any of it. Take care.

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