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      Ever since I was diagnosed with Graves almost ten months ago, I noticed that everything seems differnt than what it was. Before I was diagnosed, sometimes, I used to get upset about things at work or what other people said in my personal life. Some I had a right to get upset about. But others were really petty and stupid. Now these petty and stupid things seem so unimportant. It is probably because I do not have the energy to get upset about them and also I want conserve my energy to be able to do other things.

      My relationships with people do not seem to be the same either, whether they know about the Graves or not. I always did my best to appreciate my famil and friends. But now, it seems that I appreciate them even more than I did before. With some, it feels that we are on opposite sides of a river, and it is now hard to get on the same side. It is not that we are fighting or that we do not like each other now. It is just different. It is almost like I need something from them that they cannot give. It is strange.

      Most of my family and friends have been extremely loving, supportive, and great throughout this. It is probably me who has changed, right? Or, have they changed in some way?

      Maybe I should be asleep now and not thinking about this. What do you all think?

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        Hi Endurance,

        Since you mention it, I have noticed major changes too in how I view things. More importantly, relationships. My whole life, I have been such a perfectionist. Nothing ever seemed right unless it had my approval. Since Graves’, those things that bothered me before just don’t seem to matter now. And the less important issues are to me. My 15 year old daughter and I have been on opposite sides of the river, as you put it, for a couple of weeks now. I know it has to do with her age, yet we seem to arguing more than ever. It’s probably due to the Graves’, but am not so sure at times. I have been on disablity for over 3 months due to a back injury and the comment she said to me a couple of nights ago was, “it’s so hard having a disable Mom, you’re here all the time.” This was very hard for me to swallow, because I knew deep down inside that she was right. I guess the reason I’m writing is because what has helped me the most, is taking the time to listen, although I feel I should be the one who is listened to. Just a thought, Kristi :)

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