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      I need help getting connected to mIRC. I seem to be doing something wrong in my setup because when I try to sign on I get a message saying that I have not connected. I am on AOL and wonder if this is the reason that I am having trouble. Has anyone out there on AOL been successful with this. I would appreciate some help…I have been trying to join the chats for a couple months now.

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        Hi, we have aol and got on mirc. do a search and get the Instructions
        for Net Newbies and Download Dummies for installing and setup of MIRC.
        Not kidding that is what it is called. Now that you feel bad, let me
        tell you, my husband does it for me. I asked him if he could
        explain it to you but he is playing his guitar and said that
        he’d have to be here with you. So the instructions he found are the
        best I can offer with a “don’t give up” it is do able even with the infamous aol. Jeannette

      Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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