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      hi all. thanks for all your notes, they’ve been very helpful. i’m
      having my scan tomorrow and wednesday and then it looks like rai for me.
      i have a lot of events happening in the next couple weeks (my sis’
      wedding, etc) i’m feeling better, i’m taking atenolol for my heart and
      nothing else for the time being. i have dry skin, minimal shakes and
      some insomnia, but i feel a little better, i have some energy now and then.
      i’m still working, etc. (by the way, i’m in the bay area, CA) so my
      question is to those who have had the rai. what happens after? my endo
      says i may experience some extreme symptoms of hyperth. following the
      treatment. how long does that last, when do you become hypo, etc. ? I
      haven’t experienced any weight problems yet either, and I hope I don’t
      have to, although I am a chocolate fiend and I don’t exercise. I’ve
      always been “naturally thin.” I guess I can say goodbye to that. I’ll
      stop babbling now, but I would appreciate your advice on post-rai.

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        Post RAI 7 weeks–TSH went from .03 at RAI to 86!? Is that possible? Did I misunderstand? T4 from 1.77 to .17–I am functioning, I think, but not great. But–am not sleeping and tired. To start 88 mcg today–when will I feel better and will it make sleep worse? Am getting frantic. Also, have a little nausea and two bouts of vomiting–related or virus? Also, had awful bout with hair loss a month ago due to TSH at 0.01 in beginning in April–am I gonna have more hair loss due to the extreme hypo now? Can stress/adrenaline compensate for hypo to the point where you don’t feel the hypo? Not a good month…Thank you!

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