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      Welcome to the board Stephanie.

      The lid surgery really does help with the dryness problems, as well as restoring a more normal appearance. Does your ophthalmologist want to restore the upper lids or both upper and lower?

      I’ve had both done, as well as the fatty deposists (okay, BAGS) removed from under the skin. Upper lid surgery isn’t too hard, but the lower lids cause more pain and longer recovery, depending on what procedure is used.

      In my case there were rare complications, and my lids retracted again following surgery. Most people don’t have significant problems and are very happy with the results. I’m having more surgery done next month, with a different procedure.

      If your ophthalmologist is strongly recommending the surgery, perhaps it was because he believes you will be helped by it. Whether or not to have the surgery is a very personal decision. If you have any specific questions, feel free to email me.

      Dianne W
      NGDF Asst. Online Facilitator

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        Hi everyone. I’m new to the group. I was diagnosed with graves disease 6 years ago. After 2 RAI’s and taking synthroid, i started to get the eye disease part of it. So that was roughly 5 years ago.

        I had an appt with my new opthamologist. He said all was well with my eyes and said that I could probably get by with drops and ointment, but I may consider lid surgery. I hear he is suppose to be the top doc at Ohio state university, but regardless, i’m a bit leary. He said he didn’t want to press me about the surgery, it seemed like he was.

        Anyway, my eyes are better, but i have noticed that my left eye is larger than the other. And i have a sharp pain in the eye…roughly where the upper lid creases. He said this is from dryness.

        Any suggestions from anyone out there?


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          thankyou dianne!

          He suggested lower lids first. Also a special steroid drops for reduction of scaring. I have a tendency to keloid. I guess what scares me the most is the idea of having to have it done again. He told me recovery time would be 10 days off. I work construction so that could cause problems with dust, etc. I am also a college student in computer engineering. Wonder if eye strain would create a problem from computer use.

          He told me the procedure would deal with numbing, unless i was petrified of being awake. Cutting the lids on the inside, adding donor tissue. I know i would be happier to have it done. I’m just afraid of what the outcome would be…such as more work done.

          thank you again for you help.


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