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      I love this message board. If it wasn’t for this message board I would not have survived Graves’!!!!!!!(I know I’ll have Graves’ forever but this message borad got me through the hardest part!!) I have learned soooooooooooo much from this board. I received RAI on June 24, I felt great but now I’m a lazy lazy lazy lazy lazy lazy person. I got blood test taken wednesday(23) so we will see what they say!!! Sometimes I respond but I read everything, I miss PTU but I don’t miss the bitter taste at all!!!!! I went out tonight after work and played 6 games of pool, won 4 and lost 2, yeah for me,
      Graves’ lets me play pool with a shake but I have learned to live with it!!! If I can play pool with a shake I can do anything!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I wish somebody with graves’ lived in San Diego that I knew, to date I have not met anybody!! Love you all and I feel for you deeply because I know you all feel for me!!!!!!!!
      Kate in San Diego

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