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      Whew what a ride!!!! Right?!?! I’m in my beginning of my second year with this lovely disease and was running along fine for about 6 months, them *boom* –brick wall. I take .025 of synthroid, had RAI, and was dignsd in Jan of 1999. Just in the last 3 to 4 weeks I’ve been very anxious, I’ve lost weight, moodiness (major), feel like I’m about to jump out of my skin… you know…”active graves”. But, I had a blood test (thyroid profile) and everything looks to be “normal” for the procedures I’ve had. Just a little low of “normal”. Granted, I have been under alot of stress, in which I told my DR. and she is going to start me on antidepressants…Does anyone have any insight on the effects of antidepressants and synthroid mix? I’m not to crazy on taking MORE pills anyway.
      Well, I feel a little better (thanks for reading), just knowing theres someone else out there that understands what I’m feeling.

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        I’m no Dr., just a Graves Patient like you.
        When I was diagnosed in Aug. of 98, the Dr. decided not to put me on anything, until the RAI had a chance to “set in” and I had another blood test. My mom passed away in Oct. of the same year, and my nerves, mind and body were shot. She gave me Xanex(?).
        I have been on Synthroid (.175) since around Dec of 98, and I can still take the Xanex with no side effects. But remember: that’s me. I can’t say what it would do for you.
        I don’t take it very often. Only when I’m exceptionaly stressed out, and can’t sleep.
        But when it comes to any other drugs, even cold/sinus meds, I check with the Dr. first.
        Good luck, and call your Dr.

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