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      You mentioned using Trident gum. I should pass on my secret weapon!
      I chew on cinnamon sticks! They taste great, no calories, feel like a
      cigarette, and you can even puff on it… sometimes the deep breath helps
      to calm the nerves.

      Give it a shot if you like cinnamon.


      P.S. Don’t buy them in the spice rack at the grocery store – way too
      expensive (almost as much as smokes!). I buy them in bulk at a produce

        Post count: 93172

        Hi Lisa,
        I know what it’s like to be a smoker and want to quit,
        It’s easier said then done.
        I’ve tried just about everything to quit, I just get so stressed
        out sometimes thats the first thing I go for.
        I have the eye disease and I know very well that smoking
        is only making things worst, But I am doing eveything in my
        power to quit. There’s such a stigma with smoking now, I
        Don’t blame people for being disgusted with it.
        I’m disappointed in myself every time I light up.
        It’s going to be difficult, but I’m sure not impossible right?
        I’ve had doctors tell me it’s very hard to quit under stressful
        conditions,if I listen to that I’ll be smoking until the day I die,
        which wouldn’t be long I’m sure since lung cancer is prominent in
        my family. I’m just not going to quit quitting, Right now I say
        thank God for Trident gum!
        Anyway good luck, don’t give up,

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