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      Hi Susan!

      You need to be seeing an Ophthalmologist to keep track of how your eyes are doing. Secondary Glaucoma is possible as well as nerve problems. I have euthyroid Graves’ which means my thyroid is fine (for now) but my eyes were really whacked by it

      Patience is the key here! The doc would mostly only put you on drugs (like prednisone, a steroid) if your vision is threatened but may suggest how to take care of them and ease the discomfort.

      Do you have any double vision?


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        Hello everyone,

        I just discovered this GD Bulletin Board and I think it is wonderful. I felt so incredibly alone for a long time now. I’ve had an understanding boyfriend but feel so alone at times—like there is no one out there who is going through this. I have had GD for almost 2 years now and sometimes I just can’t handle it. My thyroid levels have been significantly better but I just notice what a difference my eyes use to look like before this disease. I’ve tried everything (elevating my head when i sleep, cold compresses on my eyes, etc…) What can an opthalmologist do especially for GD? Does he prescribe medication to alleviate the swollen & puffiness of my eyes? Does he recommend surgery. I feel like I can’t even go in public with my eyes looking like this. Sometimes I just feel, “This is so unfair!”

        I don’t mean to go hysterical, I just haven’t really had anyone to tell this to who understands what I’m going through.

        Thanks for listening!

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          I a really appreciate your comment. I’ve always been skinny and constantly get comments like, “You’re such a stick!” when in fact, I’m trying my best to gain weight and it’s frustrating. I’m just learning to cope with it. My boyfriend is really understanding but he can tell that that, “I look like a person with Graves Disease” and that just shot me down. I was so hurt because I guess i just try to avoid that i even have a disease. It’s not his fault.

          By the way, what is a Thyroid Storm? I’m glad to hear you are doing better. i’m going to the eye doctor shortly…….very excited because i’ve never been to one before. I wonder what he’ll recommend???


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