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      To All,

      Went to church yesterday and it was so great to be back. Usually I’m washed out by my shower (no pun intended) and have to rest awhile before I can continue. I sat next to someone I hadn’t seen in quite awhile since I usually attend the first service. She said she had been out of touch lately and asked how I’d been. I told her I had been dealing with Graves’ and had been sick since the end of Oct. but was MUCH better. To which she replied,


      Ain’t it great. Note the past tense. She had RAI and is taking synthroid and has had so little (if any) trouble with it since she thinks of it as, “had that.” I think this was a Freudian Slip since she’s a teaching RN. Wanted to share this since she is part of the 90% that go into remission and stay there after RAI. For those of us deciding our route or waiting patiently to feel like our old selves after RAI, this was a very calming thing to hear. Needless to say, I’m glad I made the effort to attend on more than one count. God is so good!


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