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      “I got to be me”

      I am
      in the present-the now.
      All is perfect, whole and balanced.
      I will not believe in old limitations and lacks.
      I will not judge, but accept and understand.
      I will be as I was created to be perfect and whole.
      Free of the past, it has no control, only to learn from it.
      I open myself to the wisdom, that is part of which created me,
      and is part of me, and with me.
      I move on the new-forward to release old patterns.
      The more resentment I release, the more I can receive and give love.
      I will love all as I wish to be loved.
      I muset see myself as an individual, unique and and special.
      All my experiences have formed the facetts of the special jewel.
      like no other which is myself.
      Every day I can be what I choose and think thoughts,
      that will create what I choose.
      I will allow all to be, what they choose.
      I shall be balanced in all I do.
      I will not be a victim of circumstances or other standards.
      But the Master of my Destiny.
      I will be whole.
      I will achieve the greatness that
      I am.

      Have a Great Weekend and Don’t Dream about that PerFeCt ThYroId most
      us don’t have.


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