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      shannon, i know exactly how you feel. i’ve had this disease diagnosed
      since 1991, but probably had it since late ’80’s. doc was treating me
      for stress. at one point it was alli could do to get out of bed. my arms
      hurt when i washed my hair, my skin itched so bad i could hardly stand
      it, my eyes looked awful and i was and still am a pretty nervous wreck.
      when the 3rd rai started to take effect i thought i had died and gone to heaven.
      now i’m hyper again with itching, weak muscles and muscle cramps and
      watery eyes. my eyes never bothered me like this. they did feel at times
      to have sand in them and they had a stare, but never watery. what’s strange to
      me is i have hypo and hyper symptoms. i’m really irritable. i sent you
      a message on one of my other messages and told you i am leaving for disney world
      tomorrow and i hope i don’t get “ALL SHOOK UP”. I NEED A ‘FUNNY’ BEFORE

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        Hello everyone,

        I can feel the depression creeping in again. An awful feeling and I hate
        it. I feel pretty powerless to stop it though. my energy level right
        now is near zero, a combination of things being the cause, mainly lack
        of sleep I would say. The worse thing about feeling this way is the
        negative thoughts that come along with it. I start feeling like things
        will always be this way and thats one thing I can’t handle. Right now
        I’m finding it very difficult to remain positive about anything. I have
        to get another blood test next week to check my levels once again. I swear
        I’m so fed up with doctors, hospitals, needles and this darn eye disease!
        but once again feel powerless to do anything about it.

        Having this since 1992 you would think that I wouldn’t have to be going
        through all this craziness all the time. It just seems to me right now that
        things are getting worse instead of better! I don’t know maybe I sound
        irrational, wallowing in self pity. Maybe it’s just been a hard couple
        of days. Sorry for being a downer, thanks for listening.


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          Lack of sleep is a BIG problem. I remember when I was a new mom. My first child (who I then swore would be my last) needed very little sleep. She took cat naps round the clock, but for the first six weeks of her life was awake all night, and averaged about eight hours of sleep a day (I began keeping a log to show to the pediatrician, certain that SOMETHING was wrong with this baby.) I was exhausted, irritable, prone to crying attacks, you name it. I was told it could be post-partum depression, but the minute she began sleeping through the night, I was right back in form. So it very well could be that you are quite simply sleep-deprived. Simply?? It can be awful, I know. I wish I could wave the collective magic wand here and give you some decent rest. Instead, I can just offer sympathy and the hope that this situation goes away for you soon.

          Take care,


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            Oh Shannan, everyone feels this way from time to time. It helps to know
            that we have all been there and pretty much understand the “black cloud.”
            This darn GD is soooooooo unpredictable and challanging! We are with you.
            *hug* …..Carolyn

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              Hi Carolyn, you are so right, GD is so unpredictable and very
              much a challange. I know the majority of us have our dark days, but
              we do manage to get through them don’t we :)
              Thanks so much for the hug!

              Take good care,


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