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      Well Ms Kimberlylynn,

      The options for a girl your age are meds, surgery or RAI sam as the rest
      of us. Surgery would be an option if you have eye involvement or want to
      get pregnant soon (Not likeley you would want that to happen) or Radiation
      is same if you are in you childbearing years and do not plan on getting
      pregnant for at least 18 months. OK so wht is good for you?? Talk to your
      and send me an e-mail wher you live and I may be able to tell you if there
      is a support group in your area. We also have girls your age on the Wed night
      chat that you may want to talk with. I can provide you e-mail addresses of
      girls your age who you can talk one on one with. It might make things easier
      for you.

      Jake George
      On-line Facilitator

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        Dear Kimberlynn,

        These are very important questions to ask of your physician.
        Why are you doubting your chances? Just today, My doctor commented on the possibility of young people, like your age, perhaps needing to be on the anti-thyroid medications a bit longer, than us old folks…
        The PTU does not kill your thyroid, it blocks hormone production.
        If you go into remission after some more time on the PTU, you will still have a healthy thyroid gland.
        Does GD run in your family? Do you have a big goiter? How hyperthyroid were you? The answers to these questions might effect your chance at remission.
        BUt if you want just an opinion, at your age I think you are trying the best of the three options, as long as your doctors feels you are not having a bad reaction. Wait a little longer…and that TSH may show up.
        I know mine has gone up and down with anti-thyroid dose changes, but as I told someone else here thisa morn, it took about seven months before it even was measureable.
        Best wishes to you..and e mail me if you want and I’ll write back.

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          I am a 14 year old female and I was diagnosed a year ago. Since then I have been on enough PTU to kill my thyroid and a little sinthroid to bring it up to the normal level. But my TSH level has been consistatly low. I want to use the medication opinion to treat my condition, but I am not sure how great my chances of sucess are with the opinion. Would I do better just to go with surgury or radiation or should I keep trying with the medicine?

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            Kimberlynn, you should keep in mind that it may take a while for
            medications to work. The endocrine system is complex and interrelated
            and things don’t level out instantaneously.

            Also, from my reading I get the impression that the best chance of
            getting a remission from Graves’ is to take the anti-thyroid drug
            (PTU or methimazole) for two or more years. It sounds like you have
            only been on your medication for about one year.

            If you have concerns, you should discuss them with your parents and
            doctor. If you do not feel that your doctor is willing to address
            your concerns, you might want to talk with your parents about finding
            a physician who works better for you.

            I don’t know if your current physician specializes in treating
            thyroid diseases, but there are doctors who specialize in that.
            Perhaps finding a thryoidologist might be a good idea if you are not
            currently seeing one.

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