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      I don’t post often, but I follow you religiously…you are so helpful. I don’t have the eye problem (yet, anyway) and have been doing pretty well. Had RAI in mid-May. Today, dr. told me my TSH is .03 .. say WHAT?! Doesn’t sound like anything you guys have taught me about TSH levels. She said it’s the same as it was BEFORE RAI. I certainly don’t FEEL like I did before RAI. Actually, I’m getting tired this past week (instead of being a hummingbird and driving my hubby crazy). Also, thought my swollen neck glands were from “a bug” – she thinks parathyroid. Don’t see you folks talk much about parathyroid (probably the least of your worries, huh?). Alas, my weight drop has come to a halt and I now have to work like crazy at it. I do it with exercise; dieting is the pits. Anyway, could someone tell me if they ever heard of a .03 TSH level? And by the way, CONGRATS on your 10000+ posts!

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        I don’t understand what is going on. I am not
        a religious person but do not feel this board is
        going over board on religion. And believe me if
        it was I would be the first to go. I don’t feel
        there is anything pushing about praying for others
        if this is what a person wants to do. I can’t
        pray so I certainly accept any prayers a person
        what to say for me.

        Just needed to add my thoughts on this. I do
        believe we need to use all our energy for ourselves
        to get through our days and not waste it on getting
        upset about things.

        Diane B

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          Morning tgied and welcome. It kind of sounds like you answered your own questions on this one. Please follow the hospitals instructions before the scan. When one is HYPERthyroid, one should avoid Iodine and vitamins that contain iodine. You can ask your local Pharmacist for their recommendations on a good multivitamin, sans iodine.

          Good luck on the thyroid scan!
          Online Facilitator & Support Group Leader,

        Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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