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      Hi Pam,

      It nearly broke my heart when I read your message. I’ve felt like giving
      up so many times.
      The human spirit is much stronger then we think. Yes have a good cry. I
      find that crying sometimes clears the mind, you then have a better
      prespective on things. God knows I’ve shed enough tears to fill a river!

      You may not think your a fighter but you are, after all this time it
      proves that you are! everyone gets down but you have to pull yourself
      back up. Tomorrow will be a better day, you just have to believe that.

      I wish you strength and courage. Please take care,


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        Pam if you are still on give me a call at work. 407-494-2156. If not and you
        read this latter give me a call at home at 407-254-9719. Don’t give up kiddo!!!

        There are folks out here who love ya and never met ya. Ain’t it grand!!! We are all
        in the same boat at one time or another. If you don’t call me call somebody. talk it
        out and kick back and try and relax. I know this sounds corney but stick your face in
        a pillow and yell at the world. Yell at anyone who got you mad or just rant at your GD.
        Take a ahot shower after and put on some nice body lotion and watch a comady and laugh
        your butt off.

        It works.

        Love Achgook (Jake)

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          Hello, Pam

          Steve here i was looking for you on the bb about a month ago was
          wondering how you were doing, well i guess i have my answer.Im sorry
          thing’s ain’t going well,you have had it really tuff,if you ever need to chat
          with another graves warrior give me a shout.

          take care peace-steve

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            girlfriend, you are a HERO many times over! i’ve only had this disease
            about six years and i complain, but when i read your message, i thought,
            what a trooper!!!. i am also hyper again,itching, irritable, gained alot
            of weight and my eye lids want to override my eyeballs. it is so frustrating
            but you hang
            in there. call somebody, go outside and talk to a tree,
            whatever it takes, but remember we are right there with you. i’m wondering how i am
            going to get around disney world next week with my grandchildren, but if
            the Lord’s willing and the creek don’t rise, i’m going if i have to rent
            a wheelchair. i’ve just found the bulletin board and i love it.
            hang in there!


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              First of all I would like to thank everyone for the kind words and support
              when I lost my friend Tabitha (my pot-bellied pig). Debby…so sorry to hear
              about Lacey. It’s devastating to lose a pet..especially when they are
              around for so many years. They are truely a part of the family. I would
              have replied earlier, but I find it hard to even just get out of bed anymore.
              I am finding myself slipping into this major depression and it is really
              scareing me. I am totally ready to just give up on doctors…I have been
              hyper for 18 years…3 doses of radiation…numerous medications…bad heart
              valve…my SO wants me to go back to work…and I just don’t have the energy.
              My Endo called me this morning and said that I’m still hyper and he wants
              to do another dose of radiation. NO…not anymore….I can’t take anymore…
              I don’t want anymore. So…back on PTU and Beta-Blockers. I said, “What
              about doing suregery…just take the thyroid out.” He says, “No…with all
              the radiation thus far…too much scar tissue. It could be a risky surgery.”
              And so again I am back at square one. I just don’t know what to do…it scares
              me because I feel like just giving up…I don’t know if I can keep on fighting
              anymore. I’m sorry that I’m such a bummer…I just needed to get it off my chest.
              Well I think I’ll go lay in bed and cry some more…hopefully tomorrow will
              be better.

              Forever Hyper..

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