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      Hello to All…I used to be very active on this bb when I was diagnosed last June with Graves…Back then this bb was a relatively small group and we go to know each other…some of us…just like you are now…the newly diagnosed coming together here to try to hang on…to understand. I remember well.

      Now, after RAI, I’ve recovered enough to return to work after 4 months off…it’s been 3 months that I’ve been working full time. But let me tell you, I am POOPED at the end of the day! I had labs checked and my TSH was 3.26…a bit high, so up went my dose.

      My biggest problem ( among many really ) is time management and time to relax…I seem to have to drive myself to death to keep up with the pace of my life at work and home. Ernie’s son, Michael is living here…again…out of work, the usual story of a 20 yr old mooch. Ernie is off work because of weather…And then cooking, shopping…all the tasks of life seem overwhelming at times…( Maybe it’s because I’m a bit hypo) Anyway, How does one stay healthy in today’s society with all this stress? How does one know how to protect themself from all the effects of stress, especially knowing they are already compromised by this disease? My days off, I just want to blob out and recover from the week. Too bad I need the paycheck so badly.

      I am tired tonight but I needed to vent…Ernie and I haven’t been communicating well tonight so I figured I’d talk here instead…Thanks for listening…


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