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      I don’t care anymore, I have to tell this. Today is the anniversary of my father’s death. He killed.
      murdered or whatever you want to call it, MY MOTHER. A year before that my brother was killed in a car wreck. My 21 yr old sister had to raise my younger sister and me. She had been
      married 1 YR. My son is being released from prison on my Mother’s birthday, Aug 29th and is sup[pose to be in my other son’s wedding on Sept. 13th. He may or may not show up or he may
      show up wired or drunk or whatever. He may not even shpw up. I am handling everything for my son’s wedding. He lives in another state and the wedding is in another town in SC. I can’t enjoy doing this because
      my husband told me he is tired of this blankety blank graves disease. He has
      never talked to me that way.. I have to go to the beachAug 17th with my ex husband and his wife
      sband and his wife. My son that is getting married planned this without
      asking me because we have all always gotten along. I have something to do every weekend until Sept 13th out of state.I
      feel like giving up and going to the hospital which is the only way one couselor will help me. I CAN”T GO TO THE HOSPITAL NOW. By the way, my wonderful father murdered my mother on my sister’s birthday which is today, the one that raised me.
      I am tired of all of this, I can’t handle it and I don’t know what to do.As you can tell I am very
      angry, trying to get counseling and the one’s that are on my insurance are booked. I don’t want to have swollen eyes everytime I go to a shower or an event for my son’s wedding. I am really pissed off at the world and don’t care.


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