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      Dawn, please go to Dianne N’s page and read what happened to me. This may give you some info.. You aren’t alone. Just wanted to assure you on that. Any other questions and my e-mail address is on there.
      I hope you are better!
      See ya
      Hippo Ann

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        Question for those female warriors who have had the RAI done and are now or
        have been Hypo.. I haven’t had a period since early Jan. (10th) and both
        the doctor and I have checked for Pregnancy… which came out nil. (Well, I haven’t
        the doc in Person yet… but, they did call back to tell me to up my Levo dosage
        and didn’t even mention-the other test done….so I’m assuming it was neg.)

        BTW, My Doc is a cardiologist vs. an Endo.. I did see a GI doctor for the first
        time ever last friday…(my intestines just haven’t been the same
        since the RAI, but, with a half dose of Immodium and Pepto Bismo almost
        every day-life is otherwise “normal” ;>)

        This should be an interesting month…. Wanna hear something weirdddddd..

        I haven’t been “NEEDING” chocolate/sugar quite so much anymore, but, being a
        confirmed chocoholic.. I do still have some on a near reg basis.. however, I went
        a week without any.. and didn’t really miss it.. (gasp) I really should stop
        buying chocolate…. Doctor was happy I lost 5 lbs..(per his scale) I discounted
        it as.. A. I was wearing “lighter clothes” B. My home scale hasn’t changed. but,
        the smile on my Doc’s face was ear to ear.. Strange, I’d normally be estatic over
        that vs. skeptical.. but…….. we’ll see. ;D

        Huggers All, Dawn

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          Hi Dawn,
          My monthly cycles were way off after RAI. I skipped a couple of months
          and then for awhile I had two periods per/month. It was really weird.
          I never lost weight, and I never not craved Chocolate! :-) On a serious
          note. When I told my endo, he mentioned that the thyroid hormone and the
          female hormone are very similar. Since we all know that the thyroid
          hormone effects every single iddy biddy cell in our bodies we waited it
          out to see what would happen. My cycles went back to normal (including
          my chocolate zone) in about 6 mos. Hope this helps….Carolyn

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