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      Hi! Someone mentioned in a post recently about having hypoglycemia along with
      this disease. Is it caused by the metabolism going so fast that it can’t keep up? Some of the
      symptoms are similar sounding, so could you have it and be overlooking it? And if it is secondary to the hyperthyroidism,
      would it stabilize when everything else does?

      I read up a little bit and it said if you are hypoglycemic to carry protein around (piece of cheese, etc)
      because it is digested more slowly causing a more even level of sugars in the bloodstream.

      BTW I meant the Thyroid in the News in a non-deragatory way! It simply caught me by surprise and I thought it was
      par for the course of the media to hear it mentioned in a bad light. Personally, I would rather
      hear thyroids in the news in a more positive light…like Gail Deevers & the Bushes. There’s enough bad going on
      with my health that I would rather hear about conquerors, survivors and HOPE, not criminals and worst case scenarios.

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