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      OK, I just went to the Opthalmologist about 3 months ago (mandatory for diabetics) and got
      a clean bill of health (that means no diabetic retinopathy). He however didn’t know I had Graves and
      I didn’t know to ask any Graves related questions. About 2 weeks later the first double vision came
      (very suddenly)-and stayed till I called the optometrist back, who I had also just seen
      and complained about my new glasses not working. That’s 3 visits just to the eye people.
      Got those prisms. They work great.

      Now am I being a hypochondriac in thinking I should return to the Opthalmologist
      and reveal the Graves, double vision, and scratchy eyes (also just begun in the last couple of months)
      and get some base line info laid out for my eyes? Most folks on this BB say there isn’t much to do at the
      early stages even if it is Graves Eye disease. And besides it is hard to diagnose.
      I’m tempted to not do or say anything rather than making a 4th visit to the eye guys
      in just 3 months. Opinions anyone? Thanks for all who read and listen and write back.
      Your reaching out to Steve was wonderful.

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        Nobody wants to be a hypochondriac,but nobody else can advocate for us with the strength and force that we can ourselves. Go back to the opthamologist or if Dr. acts aggravated ask for a referral to one who specializes in GD.
        Good Luck…Kendra

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          JR, I don’t see how it can be hypochondria when you are SICK!! About the ophthamouthful vs. the optometrist — that’s a judgment call. I immediately went to the ophtha-whatever after getting the Graves diagnosis, armed with a long list of questions. I was NOT happy with what I heard, but that’s because medicine doesn’t seem to have a lot they can do for Graves eye problems. Short of zapping your immune system into oblivion, the eye problems have to “run their course”. BAH! BUT, they can follow the progress, and perhaps intervene before the nerves get impacted (IF the nerves are going to get impacted), and save you some grief, perhaps. Since you did not mention the Graves to your ophtha… my recommendation would be to fill him/her in. They cannot give you good medical advice without all the information available.

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