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      Hi! First let me say I have no idea why my message was posted three times! I think my computer is possesed sometimes! Anyway, yes, it sounds like hypo to me. Also, I know a few months after my RAI my memory was terribe, I was cold, very tired all the time, all the other typical symptoms. One thing else I waited to mention was that I felt overwhelmed all the time and just couldn’t get organized…which is really unusual for me. Kind of sounds like you may be experiencing some of that too. Go for the tests. Good luck! Trish

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        Hi All. Sorry for neglecting everyone. I’ve missed you guys terribly.
        Its just been a difficult time and the holidays sure don’t help.
        I was wondering — I had the “cocktail” the end of September. I need to
        go have my labs run (yea right, in my spare time — gonna try for Monday),
        but I was wondering — do you think I’ve finally reached Hypo?
        I’m so cold all the time, I can’t remember ANYTHING, my hands and feet
        fall asleep or they’re so cold it wakes me in the middle of the nite.
        And I’ve also learned to nap. Both the cold and napping are new experiences
        for me. I was NEVER cold and NEVER was one to lay down and nap. If I
        slept and it wasn’t during the nite, I was sick. I’ve been that too. My endo
        insisted I get a flu shot so I did. Now they say the batch I got wasn’t
        any good and I need a booster — no thanks, already got the flu. No more preventive
        medicine for me (smile). Anyway, was trying to decide if I’m hypo or
        if its just a combination of stress and being sick. Any advice? Thanks.
        And happy holidys to all of you. I’ll be back more frequently as soon as
        I make some semblence of order out of my life.

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